Colorado Springs Fitness Model/Physique Competitor/Personal Trainer Marquis Roberson has been training and working on his physique for the last 4 years.  He started his journey with little knowledge of health, nutrition, and fitness.  Through trial and error, long hours of study, and dedication to his training, he has begun to pave his way to greatness. 


To Marquis, success, health, and fitness are highly important in his life.  Some of his goals are: to have one of the best bodies in the world, be able to stand with the elite of the elite in the fitness industry, and to one day grace a cover of Men's Health and GQ Magazine!


Combining ambition, drive, discipline, and hard work, his vision of making these dreams a reality is happening right before his eyes.  He uses his personal experience from achieving his own fitness goals to help others achieve their goals.  He has trained individuals of all ages, body types, and fitness levels.  He says anyone can achieve what he has, and leaves us with these last words of encouragement: "Anything in life is possible, go get it!"